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You’ll learn the factors lying beneath the individual decision making process like trade off, opportunity cost, incentives and margins that will help you become a better decision maker in your personal and professional life.


You’ll learn how people interact on the market based on the benefit of trade, the impact of transition from planned to market economy, the role of invisible hand  and government actions on property rights and market failures to help markets work properly.


You’ll be able to have a grisp understanding of the economic environment around you through the relationships between inflation & unemployment, inflation & government printing excessive amount of money and growth in average income & productivity.

Economics in 10 Principles
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Demand, Supply and Equilibrium
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Elasticity: The key metric of pricing
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“She makes complex concepts understandable, I loved her examples. Her English is very good and clear. As a scholar who teaches economics, will absolutely use her system and examples. I am looking forward to having her upper level courses.”

— Canan Ozge Egri, Academic at Kirklareli University


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Economics fundamentals in English.

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We’ve come a long way from tables and seats, offline learning, to online learning. We’ll show you how to pick up the traditional economic concepts to emerging economic trends to keep you ahead of the curve with a fun learning experince.

Economics in 10 Principles, Online Course anywhere, anytime

Learn how to establish baseline concepts and assemble basic wireframes of Economics before delving deeper into each concept one by one in the next course to have a solid economics background.

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    It’s all about options, market dynamics and analyzing the economic world that surrounds you.

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Is the course time-limited?

No, you can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material indefinitely. You can access to the course anywhere, anytime you want. We add new content monthly so there’s always something to come back for!

Do I need to download any software?

You don’t need to download any extra software at all. You will be able to access to the course from your browser. To make the most of the course, we suggest you update to a modern browser and have a stable internet to be able to watch the courses online with no interruption.

Do I need an Economics background?

No, but it helps! This course aims to give you an overview of what Ecnomics is all about. Studies have shown that people with Economics background achive higher living standards in life. So this is the first step to achieve greater things in life.

Can I download the course content?

No need for videos- you can access the course videos at any time from any device using Udemy’s online learning hub. You can absolutely download (also suggested) the reading materials which are in PDF format at the end of each section.

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