• Frequently Asked Questions

After this course, do I need to take further Economics courses?

Ohh yeah! This is the beginning of our journey, which means the first step of our course. Afterwards we’ll be digging deeper into the concepts one by one with electronic presentations, more reading materials, quizes etc. I am sure you’re gonna love the journey of Economics!

Will there be more Economics courses coming?

Yeah, for sure! We’ve spent the past few months on planning and as of September more courses are coming on Economics, Business Management and more.

How many times can I listen to the videos?

You can watch as many times as you want as once you buy the course, you’ll have the lifetime access to it that will give you the control over your time, place and the pace of learning.

Do you provide support for further questions?

Yes – we provide support for your questions, we have a dedicated forum which aims to answer your questions within 24 hours in details and make sure you’re 100% confident on the topic.

Can I register the course anytime after I get a discounted code?

Once you get the discount code for the course, you need to register AS SOON AS POSSIBLE cause those codes are limited in number. After you register, you can complete it anytime you want.

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